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Stealer4good2 hides at GamePlaya3159 hiding place
GamePlaya3159: You need a premium account to hide here.
Stealer4good2: what is that
%u2022%u203A%u203A Join: Yoda (
%u2022%u203A%u203A Mode: Snoopy %u203A v Yoda
GamePlaya3159: Ask Yoda.
Stealer4good2: Yoda
Stealer4good2: what is a premium account
<@penelophone> There are many other fruits I would rather fuck than an apple.
<@Kalidor> penelophone and her banana lust
< papachungo13> whoa
< papachungo13> I could only think of banana
<%MornNickB> cucumber seems more suitable to me
< papachungo13> oh forgot about that one
<@penelophone> Bananas… The peel is too waxy.
< papachungo13> #overshare!!!
<@penelophone> Cucumbers are better.
<@penelophone> Yellow squash is great fopr the g-spot.
< papachungo13> good lord!!!
< papachungo13> I need to wash my mind out with soap
<@penelophone> Mk, I’ll shush.
<@penelophone> Didn’t mean to corrupt your mind, papachungo13 :P
< papachungo13> restate: Didn’t mean to corrupt your mind FURTHER

* Bkil gives AdamD a cookie
* AdamD Takes the Cookie
* AdamD Throws up the next day
* DJVistaMan has to clean up
* AdamD Hands DJVistaMan a Mop and Bucket :P

Later that day…
<DJVistaMan|Netbook> BRB, I want cookies
* DJVistaMan eats his cookies
* DJVistaMan offers some to AdamD
* AdamD Takes the Cookies
* DJVistaMan gives some to Bkil to give AdamD some tomorrow
* AdamD Face palms
<Allan> Phil
<Allan> what music to you listen to while you Dev
<Phil> see Skype
<Phil> that’s my playlist of the moment
<Allan> nice
<Allan> phil uses windows media player
* Allan points
<Allan> Mock that man
<Bkil> What?
<Phil> haha
<Allan> also
<Allan> phil
<Allan> Avril Lavigne
<Bkil> How could you?
<Allan> wtf
<Phil> :D
<Allan> my ass is rock hard, years of toning it into the shape of my chair
<Cady> oh plz.
<Phil> ha
<Phil> with lines like that, idk why you’re not getting laid as much as Pierce
<Cady> haha
<Allan> one does wonder
<Phil> in this quote, I mean
* Allan points out that RAID6 is the obvious solution
<Allan> haha.
<Phil> k, now I know ^^ ;)
<Allan> all the girls will be like ‘omg! you can withstand 2 concurrent drive
failures!? take me now’
* Cady face palms
<Cady> If you can find a girl that knows what that means
<~Cady> CHILD BIRTH is sexual to you
<~Cady> geez.
< Stuzilla|AFK> im aware of this
< Stuzilla|AFK> ahaha
< Stuzilla|AFK> Wait..
< Stuzilla|AFK> ew
* &Kat smacks Craighton
<~Craighton> -_-
<~Craighton> luv u too
<&Kat> he only gets to get in MY pants
<%toop> lol
<&Kat> ‘wait
<&Kat> that’s not what I meant
<&Kat> shit
< Alfredo> And what i meant.
<%toop> hehe
~Craighton: lol someone in #chris said "Chris makes me happy"
%kevoc2008: oh no
Alfredo: No no no.
&mouse: woulda been funnier if he added "in the pants"
~Craighton: awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
~Craighton: mouse you make me happy in the pants
<hershey> oh omg guys guess what, i got a <censored> that lights up when you
get near a wi-fi connection!!
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