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<&Chillsy> Sex: In Florida it is illegal for single, divorced, or widowed women
to _________ on Sunday afternoons
<&Chillsy> Hint: p********
<&holly> Oh naughty
<@Esoterica> procreate
<@Esoterica> lol
<@Pandy> r
<@Esoterica> prostitute
<&Chillsy> ===== Question 154163/226749 (Hint 2/3) =====
<&Chillsy> Sex: In Florida it is illegal for single, divorced, or widowed women
to _________ on Sunday afternoons
<&Chillsy> Hint: p******t*
<@Esoterica> hmm
<@Esoterica> Bullshit laws
<&Chillsy> ===== Question 154163/226749 (Hint 3/3) =====
<&Chillsy> Sex: In Florida it is illegal for single, divorced, or widowed women
to _________ on Sunday afternoons
<&Chillsy> Hint: pa*****t*
<@Esoterica> Excuse my french
<@DukeNukem> blow bubbles underwater
<&Chillsy> Am I alone here or what? The answer was parachute. Maybe you’ll get
the next one…
< Stuzilla> hacking is a not a diesease you are
<@Guru_Meditation> Virtual lol
<@Guru_Meditation> Stuzilla that’d make a good t-shirt
<&Phil-Netbook> I haven’t used a pen to write anything for ages
<&Phil-Netbook> just tried
<&Phil-Netbook> my hand doesn’t move as it should
<&Phil-Netbook> lol
< Dmitri> pen? is it a usb one?
<&Phil-Netbook> lol
<%CornishNerd> A ‘pen’? *Googles it*
< Dmitri> lol
< Dmitri> I can picture Phil writing with his pen, making a mistake and looking for
the backspace key on the pen
< cirian75> lol
<&Phil-Netbook> tried that
<&Phil-Netbook> apparently it doesn’t have one
<&Phil-Netbook> which moron invented these things?
< Apollo> egyptians or the chinese
<&Phil-Netbook> Mr Pen of, so I heard
< Apollo> !!
< Dmitri> of what land?
* %CornishNerd facepalms
< Apollo> whhhaa?!
<&Phil-Netbook> pen island
< Haarukka> pen is land? :D
<%CornishNerd> lmao
< Apollo> i cant stop laughing hey
<&Phil-Netbook> idk what you were thinking
<&Phil-Netbook> gawd
<Terminal> smutty bunch :P
<&Phil-Netbook> this is a family friendly chat roonm
<&Phil-Netbook> -n
< Apollo> spilt my tea as well
<@iYorkie[Laptop]> Yumm. Christopher flavour pot noodle for tea o.o
<Christopher> i had dinner
<Christopher> now me dunt feel well
<@iYorkie[Laptop]> lol haha. That was meant to say Curry flavour not Christopher
<Christopher> k
* @iYorkie[Laptop] puts Christopher in a cauldron
<&Bkil> see, emo
* &Bkil hides
* @iYorkie[Laptop] chants Double, Double, toil and trouble;
<&Bkil> boil
<@iYorkie[Laptop]> fire burn and cauldron bubble
<@iYorkie[Laptop]> lol
<Phil-Flash`> although, could you perhaps add a 5 second delay between whe the topic
gets to the end and when it turns around and goes back?
< BigRedPimp> yeah.
<Phil-Flash`> it’s bouncing around like a large lady with no bra
<Phil-Flash`> and it’s quite mezmerizing ;)
<Zetacon> O_o
< Duffy> rofl
< BigRedPimp> go to your options. check that "Show Friend Login Notices"
is on and /friend BigRedPimp[Flash]
<Zetacon> Nice comparison…I think…
<cncrules> come to irc.*****.us #c*c and ask jenn for a free blowjob! she love u
long time! she so hawnie!
<CyberBotX> If I could find the first person who decided it was cool to spam, I’d
strangle them.
<mat1k> It was me
<mat1k> Many moons ago i was bored so invented spamming
* CyberBotX strangles mat1k.
<mat1k> No worries, i’m already dead so not going to harm me
< Stuzilla> i had a channel onces..
< Stuzilla> well…
< Stuzilla> i still do…
< Stuzilla> but thats not the point kids…
< Stuzilla> Remember… Stay in school and dont eat yellow snow
< toop> they let it stay? bunch of trolls in a channel, that has to break a rule :p
* toop thinks that Stuzilla is a greaaat role model
…Some serious #help stuff here…

-Stuzilla- i fart in your general directions
<Phil> Stuzilla, your muzzer was an amster

…Some more serious #help stuff here…
<fluffer> Hey guys, my computer has a screen.
< aediph> -uses google-
<Arranmc> lol a screen
<fluffer> Sorry, a monitor.
<fluffer> Am I saying the right things?
<%UncleJohn> Does it have a tower too fluffer? Excuse me..A large box?lol
<fluffer> Yeah, like a big thing.
<fluffer> It has one of them.
<%CornishNerd> The hard drive you mean UncleJohn?
< aediph> lol
<%UncleJohn> CornishNerd no no thats inside "the box"
<Arranmc> if you guys want a lol my friend (a girl) asked me to upgrade her monitor
to 19" then later i found out it was a laptop

<fluffer> I dragged and dropped the hard drive out the box.
* iElijah sets mode: -h Jordan
< Jordan> :(
<~iElijah> :p
* rubber_ducky molds Jordan’s face from :( to :S
< rubber_ducky> * :D
< rubber_ducky> fail typo right there
< rubber_ducky> xD
< Jordan> :s
<~iElijah> xD
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