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<crshbndct> I dont like little hardware.
<Tyler> crshbndct, Do you not like little hardware because you need to be
compensating for something? :P
<crshbndct> Well Yes
<yobamaLovesJB> all I can say is the 5970 is a big one
<crshbndct> I have a really small penis. "Abonormally small" the doctor
said. "Nothing we can do to help, sorry" the plastic surgeon said
<crshbndct> So I like to compensate by buying really big stuff, like fast cars,
bikes, I used to have a 5970 GPU
<crshbndct> etc etc
<yobamaLovesJB> man, that doctor has no clue what he’s saying
<phaedrus> i just assumed Tyler was talking about your bitcoin wallet crshbndct, but
thanks for sharing :p
<yobamaLovesJB> I can set you up with a power drill, you just sit on a charger from
time to time
<mininessie> if my sim card /sdcard/ directory is empty is my phone number gone
<&locust> "Horse DNA has been found in some beef burgers being sold in UK
and Irish supermarkets. A total of 27 products were analyzed, with 10 of them containing
horse DNA and 23 containing pig DNA."
<Stuzilla|AFK> i wondered why i was feeling a little hoarse :)
<%Squirrel> bu dum tssss
<&T-Rex> why the long face?
* Blizzardo1 chucks dry ice into OmniDragon’s Mouth
* OmniDragon blows more fire and melts da dry ice :x
<OmniDragon> now it’s wet ice lol >.>
<Blizzardo1> Nope
<Blizzardo1> Now it’s vapor
<OmniDragon> yep
* beavis5551 chucks ln2 canisters at OmniDragon
<OmniDragon> wet ice :x
<Blizzardo1> Vapor
<Blizzardo1> :P
<OmniDragon> dang you!
<OmniDragon> wet ice, i says! :x
<DG[Desktop]> >;/
<Blizzardo1> Dry Ice is Frozen Co2
<Blizzardo1> Co2 is a Gas
<OmniDragon> this is no time for a chemistry lesson! it’s only time to agree with
the dragon :x
<Blizzardo1> Nope
<OmniDragon> yes!
<OmniDragon> that’s it!
<beavis5551> Science 1 – Dragon 0
<Blizzardo1> xD
* OmniDragon puts foot down
<He-Man1938> I Bleach Down the whole house Get your Flu shots I NEVER seen it like
<Blizzardo1> What foot?
<OmniDragon> my dragon foot!
<Blizzardo1> You mean those little Tallons?
<OmniDragon> noz! :x
<darth> and no but OmniDragon
* OmniDragon slams fist down on desk…i’ll get you, Gadget!!!
<Blizzardo1> Mwahahaha >:)
<Blizzardo1> Blizzardo1 1 – OmniDragon -1
<beavis5551> Indeed
* OmniDragon calls Acme on the big, red phone and orders a truck load of wet ice >.>
<OmniDragon> muahah….muahahaha!!!
<OmniDragon> >:)
<Blizzardo1> That’s just H2O then xD
<DG[Desktop]> xD
<OmniDragon> exxxcellent, Smithers…release the hounds!
<Blizzardo1> Or in English, Water
<beavis5551> If you wanna be famcy that is
<beavis5551> *fancy
<Blizzardo1> Sciencenese it’s H2o
<OmniDragon> no, it’s frozen water…which is still wet, which in English….is wet
ice! :x
<beavis5551> Stoopid zombie fingers
<Blizzardo1> I like the new word famcy
<beavis5551> Thats a fancy that took an arrow to the knee

<bilbo> I possess a device, in my pocket, that is capable of accessing the entirety
of information known to man.I use it to look at pictures of cats and get in arguments with
<@Coffee> falls asleep on myrti
<@myrti> :O
<@myrti> at least you didn’t fluff me up :P like bobbi would :P
|<– computerguy has left (Ping timeout)
<@Coffee> you’re already fluffy though
<@myrti>> well you know bobbi, he’s a princess
<@Coffee> o_O
<MornNickB> o.o you are talking to IRC?
<MobileMyrti> I am
<MobileMyrti> it’s surprisingly good
<annaonthego> I always feel really weird when I talk using voice recognition
<MobileMyrti> especially since the phone is set to german
<MornNickB> I refuse to look like a crazy person talking to my phone in public
<myrti> :p
<MornNickB> ohh wait
<dominickm> its a dangeros business stepping out your front door
<derz> damn those coder groupies
<dominickm> lol
<MHazell-BNC> What about color mazes?
<macwolf74> lol MHazell-BNC it’s my chance to include colors onto the topic :p
<MHazell-BNC> a website is comming eh?
<macwolf74> but really there was sighting of weird colors followed by a loud boom
around here
<MHazell-BNC> coming
<macwolf74> yeah my iryan website XD
<MHazell-BNC> wait you love apple don’t you
<macwolf74> <MHazell-BNC> a website is cumming eh?
<macwolf74> WTF^
<MHazell-BNC> Did you know Windows blue screened on me?
<macwolf74> MHazell-BNC, err what does that have to do with anything
<MHazell-BNC> <MHazell-BNC> a website is comming eh?
<MHazell-BNC> I put an extra m in that
<macwolf74> I don’t "love" apple
<macwolf74> oh phew
<MHazell-BNC> Yeah…
<macwolf74> imagine if a website did do that o_o
<MHazell-BNC> I don’t care if websites ejaculate or not, but it better not be all
over my computer
<Pineapples-R-Crunchy> In my pants the puppy goes. >:V The perfect crime.
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