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< Elijah> Brigitte!!
<Mark> Ok, so I’m writing some new posts, and I was wondering what you guys would
like to read about on Geeks. Any suggestions?
< Elijah> Troll of GeekShed!!
< Stuzilla> and i found a souther fried chicken burger instead
* Elijah huggles Brigitte :)
<@Guru_Meditation> Bri the troll of geekshed?!
<&Brigitte> Elijah, are you calling me Troll of GeekShed?
< Stuzilla> lmmfao
< Stuzilla> ahahahaa
<@Guru_Meditation> Bri is not a troll, she has no warts
< Stuzilla> Yes he is bri
< Stuzilla> Oi
< Stuzilla> i resent that!
<@Guru_Meditation> no you resemble that
<jaredp> haha
< Stuzilla> -.-
<%UncleJohn> Bri is the most loving lady on here.
* %UncleJohn snorts at whoever called her a troll.
<jaredp> lady?
< Elijah> Brigitte: noes
< Elijah> I was calling stu that
< Stuzilla> Bri im about to find out what southern fried chicken and Custard tastes
* RAWRLappy whaps Elijah
* @Guru_Meditation pities the fool who called her a troll
< Zetacon> Elijah did.
* %UncleJohn thwaps Elijah
<&Brigitte> oh, ok lol
< Elijah> I was calling stu that >.<
* Gerard (~CPLTFlash@5B13482C.6327C4BB.627E6291.IP) has joined #chris
<&Brigitte> hi Ollie :)
* @Guru_Meditation forgets Elijah in the desert. awww
* @ResidentNerd is a very Nerdy girl
< Stuzilla> o.o
< Stuzilla> wait…
< Stuzilla> im gonna get /killed for this… but…
<@ResidentNerd> Stuzilla, yes, I’m female
< Stuzilla> you’re a Girl?
< Stuzilla> O.O
< Stuzilla> Wtf
< Stuzilla> now my brain hurts
< Stuzilla> why dont i get told these things?

<iJonathan> oh sorry
<CodySmith> omg
<iJonathan> wrong channel
<blaster> >_<
<CodySmith> spammer
<mudd> oh snap
<matt> spam-tasti
<iJonathan> and my irc client is fail.
<RAWRLappy> omg….wow
<honestrabbit> boot him if you have any cahoonas
<CaT> my eyes i can’t see i am bling
<Haarukka> a big oops? :P
<Sammeh> o.o
<Sammeh> spam
<death> that mad my eyes hurt
<Granit> iJonathan don’t you just hate when that happens
<iJonathan> if you tap on the touchpad it does that.
<iJonathan> idk why
<blaster> no that’s a flood
<CodySmith> it was just a mistake i guess
<CaT> lol
<Sammeh> wow
<RAWRLappy> iJonathan: that sucks
<matt> haha
<Sammeh> ya didnt get kicked lol
<blaster> that’s why I kill the touchpads
<matt> i love you
<Allan> Woofcat: ordered your copy of STO yet?
<Woofcat> ?
<Woofcat> STO?
<Woofcat> Star Trek Original?
<Allan> Star Trek Online
<Allan> the mmo
<Woofcat> Nope
<Woofcat> fuck that
<Allan> it looks bloody epic
<Woofcat> MMO’s are for people who should go outside.
<Allan> outside is where people are. fuck that
<Quentin> Duffy, I like your hair.
<Quentin> Now, completment me
<Duffy> fair enough quentin if you require the self esteem boost, "I would
rather have one touch of your hand, one kiss of your soft lips, one glance of your eyes
than to go on for eternity for not knowing what it’s like, you are beautiful"
<Korg>i have windows vista with vista and i want to instrall xp pro sp3
<koss> xp
<boyo1991> nice lol
<Seiko_Thee_Psycho> i tried installing winxp from floppies once big mistake
%UncleJohn blinks
<Korg> can anyone help me
< RitchieR> Ya know, vista should have come with a copy of XP tied to the same
serial code :)
%u2022NickM|Netbook stares
<CornishNerd> 397 1.44MB floppies?
%u2022boyo1991 watches silent
<UncleJohn> lol
<Seiko_Thee_Psycho>6 floppies
<– Unidentified34422 has quit (Killed ( (Self Collision)))
<Apollo> hey rawr :) sup
–> Athos-KTM ( has joined
<CodySmith> hey guys
<RAWRLappy> what the heck is a self collision?
<EnsignRedShirt> Project Cooper, free 2D drawer program from Autodeck.
<Seiko_Thee_Psycho> when you add an electron to an atom
<Phil-Netbook> when there’s 2 instances of the same nickname on a network, RAWRLappy
<Granit> something free from Autodesk that’s not a personal learning edition?
<MacSn0w> ……… WoW anyone have a ps3
<RAWRLappy> Phil-Netbook, ahhhh
<RAWRLappy> MacSn0w, i could hop on mine right now
-Cut out text-
<Apollo> Rawr: its when the Captain instructs the crew to move on impulse power and
collide with another vessel.
–> jmills (
has joined #Chris
–> bIaster ( has joined
* Snoopy sets ban on *!*@*.lns20.per*
<– Snoopy has kicked bIaster from #chris (Captain Planet is not welcome here)
<– Unidentified25563 has quit (Broken pipe)
–> ttsec (~ttsec@94C9994E.46A81269.144BBE67.IP) has joined #Chris
<djteddy> i wanted so bad to be here for the fun stupid jobs
<DragonFire|Idle> Welcome back blaster.
<RAWRlappy> ummm that wasn’t blaster DragonFire|Idle
<goretsky> Happy New Year and good morning, sbushfan11.
<– b has quit (Client exited)
<brodyproswin7> Is it me or does it seem like AMD and ATI…..and INTEL and NVIDIA
come in pairs, a rarely see them criss-crossed
<DragonFire|Idle> Oh.
<– neofreak91 has quit (Client exited)
<Lumpy> good night and happy new year all
* Lumpy is now known as Lump|AFK
<brodyproswin7> but that is a nice rig
<DragonFire|Idle> Lol RAWRlappy, didn’t realise.
<RAWRlappy> brodyproswin7, idk… I just know i’m an AMD fanatic
<DragonFire|Idle> i didn’t look at the host.
< Craighton> Phil is smokin’ HOT
<%Bkil> who gets the first kill of the year?
<%Bkil> Stu or LordKat?
* Stuzilla|AFK (~Mail@the.troll.of.geekshed.vhost) Quit (Killed (Phil (Stu. Definately
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