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<Unidentified7015> chris u need to get a life
<ChrisPirillo> that was stupid, mr. unidentified.
*** Ryan sets mode: bb ~q:*!*
<ChrisPirillo> Ryan smacked your ass down, yo.
< toop> haha fial
< toop> phlial*
< UbuntuStudio> spelling fail
< toop> shuush
< UbuntuStudio> btw its phail
<null> lol
<@Pierce> thats epic phail UbuntuStudio
< toop> well i say phlial! :p
<null> @toop But then failing might be confused with flailing.
< UbuntuStudio> Pierce, He was spelling the incorrect spelling of fail incorrectly
< UbuntuStudio> :P
< toop> haha
<@Pierce> epic
<@Pierce> telling you
<@Pierce> epic
< Stuzilla> why thats a Big Hunk of Meat there Brigitte
<&Brigitte> i love meat
* Xentall ( Quit (Quit: Xentall)
<&Brigitte> yumyum
<@blaster> o.O
< Stuzilla> giggedy
cunijoeme>dell insperon 545
(Lot of talk bout how you cant oc that model of dell computer)
cunijoeme> well its a intel core 2 Quad Q6600 runing at 2.6 gh
cunijoeme> its the new range
cunijoeme> wich is underclocked
UncleJohn> LOL
UncleJohn> 2.6 is not udoced.
UncleJohn> My sister has that same computer blaster, its a desktop
blaster> even so, Dell doesn’t allow BIOS overclocking
cunijoeme1> but now with my water cooling its 28 degres maximum at idle
UncleJohn> Huh??
blaster> what? water cooling a POS Dell?
blaster> bahahaha
@blaster dies
UncleJohn>Ok so you bought a new dell? Then voided the warranty..Ok ok
UncleJohn> Then THEN!
UncleJohn> Wait let me get this..
Hammy> lolz
UncleJohn> YOu removed the heat sink,and put a water cooling sink onto the cpu?LOL
UncleJohn> That you cant oc?
cunijoeme> i hope every one inn the chatroom has lernt a lesson today dont buy dell if
you want to oc
blaster> cunijoeme I knew that like 7 years ago
blaster> hahaha

<&Phil> My name is Jack (deedle-deedle-deedle-dum),
<&Phil> I’m a necrophiliac (deedle-deedle-deedle-dum),
<&Phil> I fucks dead wimmen (deedle-deedle-deedle-dum),
<&Phil> And I fills ’em full of jism.
<&Phil> I get frustrated (deedle-deedle-deedle-dum),
<&Phil> When they’re cremated (deedle-deedle-deedle-dum),
<&Phil> Cause try as I must (deedle-deedle-deedle-dum),
<&Phil> I can’t fuck dust!
from #Chris
<ikkizie> can i ask what to do
< Stuzilla|AFK> make me a drink
i thought it was funny
jimbob123: who is blaster thinking he is dude i can take this whole website down with my
@blaster: jimbob123 and?
jimbob123: dude i can keylog u and steal every thing from u
@blaster: go for it
@blaster: here’s my IP
jimbob123: i can say your ip address right now
@blaster: ok what is it
@blaster: jimbob123 what’s my IP??
@blaster: well done
&Fort: NO place like home…..
&Fort: Good job.

<&Phil> chance of data loss doubles as the number of drives doubles
<&Phil> so they say you’re supposed to lose 1 drive every 10 years
<@Pierce> ill have 3 drives, the 2 current samsung drives will be for the raid0
<NthDegree> Phil, that is what SSDs are for ^^
<&Phil> so 10 drives in RAID0 means you’re going to lose your data within a year
<@Pierce> you know condoms have a failure rate of 1/1000, doesnt mean in 3 years
your going to end up with a baby
< Schoen|Attic> lol
<iWantAnswers> o-o
< toop> haha
<@Pierce> of active fun every night
<&Phil> you have sex 1000 times in 3 years?
<&Phil> lol
<@Pierce> once a day
<&Phil> you’re my idol
<&Phil> :P
<therock247uk> going out xmas eve and day Phil?
<Phil> yeh
<therock247uk> :P
<Phil> pre-drinking before midnight mass
<Phil> and then not going to midnight mass
<Phil> more beer, less jesus
<Phil> was the general concensus
<therock247uk> hehe
<ResidentNerd> heh
<ResidentNerd> cd /pub
<ResidentNerd> more beer
<Phil> lol
<Phil> you come out with some nerdy yet funny quotes, ResidentNerd
* Pepper stuffs a pair of socks in PhilTheStocking
<Pepper> :P
<Pepper> speaking of socks.
<ResidentNerd> just as long as he isn’t stalking
<Pepper> Stalking who?
<Phil> you
<Phil> I’m outside your window
<Pepper> Really?
<Phil> uhu
<Pepper> What color is my shirt? :P
<Phil> white!
<Pepper> Sorry.
<Phil> trick of the light ;)
<Pepper> I wear black to work.
<Pepper> =P
<Pepper> Black shirt, shoes, socks, pants, belt.
<Pepper> ….
<Pepper> I dunno how you get black to go white.
* ResidentNerd chuckles
<Phil> :P
<Pepper> I think you’re just special.
<ResidentNerd> shirt.colour = "0xFFFFFF";
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