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Allan> my building hacked in an intercom system, and electronic locks on the outside
Allan> but they just VoIP’d it, and made it call my phone
UncleJohn> "Hmm yeah 411, whats the number for apartment G1? No no not the phone,
the door!"
Allan> no
Allan> our apparents are numbered
UncleJohn> "Im sorry, im currently not available to open the door, if you would
leave your name, number, ill be sure to open the door later."lol
Allan> i’m not on my phone that often
UncleJohn> "Were sorry the door your trying to reach is no longer available, if
you feel you have reached this door in error, please hang up and knock instead. Thak
<+Bkil|Sleep> they make themselves easy to be intentified
<&Fort> Yeah, they do.
<&CCMike[wk]> thats because you can’t fix stupid
<&Fort> The red concentric circles are a giveaway.
penis was kicked by blaster (Please change your nick.)
<@12@blaster> that’s gonna hurt….
<Dancer> Phil for christmas this year I want um..three new servers
<Bears_Grandpa> three servers, two static IPs and a dual-failover aggregate switch
<OmniDragon> and a partridge in a pear tree
<Phil> I’m getting a lot of drugs mails lately, Allan
<Phil> all getting past SA – I had to add a custom rule
<Allan> me too
<Allan> what kind of custom rule?
<Phil> Cia ikv lis
<Phil> Tada mut lafil 10/20mg
<Phil> $1.66 Per P pr ill More info
* Allan wishes sa-update would catch this shit faster
<Phil> I just did ‘Cia lis’
<SoiledBargains> Is there a "Via gra" rule, too? :P
<Allan> phil: i don’t want it to trigger on my CIA conspiracy theory mailing list
<&Fort> ChrisPirilloisthebest: Probably because it has the channel owner’s name
in your nick.
<ChrisPirilloisthebest> <Pctech37> i do not care
<+Pctech37> fort does.
* ChrisPirilloisthebest was kicked by CornishNerd (Please change your nick.)
<+Pctech37> He’s a mod.
<@BigRedPimp> o/"Another bug bites the dust / Another bug bites the dust / And
another marked ‘Done’ and another one ‘Done’ / Another bug bites the dust / Hey, you need
to commit it too / Another bug bites the dust."/o
Selectively quoted to remove anything un-funny:

<Allan> Phil: my binary code works, i tested it
<Phil> Allan, clearly not
<Allan> it did too
<Allan> i tested it as allan-login.php
<Pctech37> nerds.
<Phil> thanks for the input, Pctech37
<Henco> jealous.
<Phil> o.0
<Allan> Pctech37: this from the n00bstick that things he can get a settlement free
peering agreement just out of his pure awesomeness
<Pctech37> So what is this script even for?
<Phil> QDB, Pctech37
<Allan> Pctech37: its just to baffle people like you
<Henco> lol
<Ryan> it’s really for unlocking the 9th chevron on a planet without a naquadriah
<Pctech37> Just get some other qdb code
<Phil> the root is an echo of the result
* Phil sets mode: +b *!*
* Pctech37 was kicked by Phil (Phil)
* billythekid is now known as wyattearp
* MMelville is now known as Marshall_Matt_Dillon
<@wyattearp> MM, nice
* wyattearp is now known as billythekid
<@billythekid> turns out, I already had a cool cowboy name
iJonathan>Thunderbolts of lightning, very very frighting,me!
UncleJohn>thwap iJonathan
&RoboUncle thwaps iJonathan and puts a dunce hat on there head. "You deserve
@iJonathan cries
RoboUncle>Suck it up you big baby, walk it off! Aww whats the matter, you stub your wil
toe? I dont give a rats ass! I hoped your toe snaped in half you maggot!
iJonathan>slap RoboUncle
(iJonathan) was kicked by (RoboUncle)(Nice try dumb ass!)
(PEBKAC) sets mode:(+o iJonathan)
iJonathan>I forget about your various bot commands sometimes.
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