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<sentriz> Why is everyone unidentified?
<@locust> T-Rex went on a rampage

<notbryant> Allan can explain anything better. He is like an explaining machine that
runs on BSD.
* %Yoda licks Vader
<%Yoda> *kicks
<~MHazell> ewww
<Vader> Lick me all you want >,>
<%Yoda> …
<~MHazell> ewwww
<~MHazell> eww
<%Yoda> *kick
<Scarynamstyle> !ban Pepsi
* Pepsi sets ban on Pepsi!*@*
<gn|bot> Please enter a number between 1 and 1440. This is the number of minutes to
ban for. 1440 = 24 hours
<macwolf74> LOL
* Zombie drinks Pepsi
<macwolf74> pepsi bans pepsi while your bot fails
<Scarynamstyle> !kb pepsi bye
* Pepsi sets ban on *!*
* Pepsi has kicked Scarynamstyle from #geordienormanlive (Oops! (Scarynamstyle))
<Scary|gbyers[A]> well that sucks so I cannot say I have a Ret***** leg
< KtecK_Cisnet> not really
< Vader> Hell, I’ve even been kicked for that
< KtecK_Cisnet> i havent lol
<Hammy> censoring youself is also not good lol
* KtecK_Cisnet picks up Hammy and holds him and wonders what to do today
<Hammy> uh …..
<Hammy> time to go!
* KtecK_Cisnet places Hammy on the pool floaty again
<Hammy> need my morn coffee
< Vader> same
< KtecK_Cisnet> hmm good idea
< KtecK_Cisnet> ok wow… Hiring Smokers Banned In South Florida City
< Vader> o,O
< KtecK_Cisnet> "On October 2, City Commissioners of Delray Beach finalized a
policy which prohibits agencies from hiring employees who use tobacco products. Delray
Beach isn’t alone though; other Florida cities such as Hollywood and Hallandale Beach,
require prospective employees to sign affidavits declaring themselves tobacco-free for 12
months prior to the date of application."
< Vader> Lost a job there didn’t ya?
* VenyoZ ( Quit (Ping timeout)
* VenyoZ ( has joined #chris
< KtecK_Cisnet> thats a shocking move there Vader.. we know the govt makes big $$
from tobaco industry
< KtecK_Cisnet> oh it goes farther
< KtecK_Cisnet> "Employees testing positive can be terminated."
* Hammy (~HAMMY@irc.addict.vhost) Quit (Quit: Hammy@irc.addict.o0)
< Vader> Are you saying, That’s how FLorida is going to create more Jobs?
< KtecK_Cisnet> that makes tobacco products illegal drugs there if you want job
< KtecK_Cisnet> one smoke and you are fired
< Vader> Next thing you know, Caffiene will be Illegal
<@Fred> oh noes
< Vader> Can’t stay awake on 6 hours of Sleep
<@Fred> i hope not
* @Fred lives on caffeine
< Vader> find scent of Coffee, "You’re Fired!"
< Vader> But this is a Coffee house
< Vader> "Doesn’t matter, Fired!"
< KtecK_Cisnet> so basicly there tobacco products are in the same class as items i
cant mention here
< KtecK_Cisnet> thatis if you want job
< KtecK_Cisnet> i find that funny
< Vader> Some Green?
< KtecK_Cisnet> you got the drift ;)
< Chillsy> ===== Question 183132/225570 (Hint 1/3) =====
< Chillsy> Science & Nature: A _____ can move twice as fast in water as it can
on land
< Chillsy> Hint: s****
<%Death> snace
<%Death> snake
<%Death> spider
<%Death> Sloth
< Chillsy> Nice going Death! The answer was sloth. You got it in 7 seconds.
< Chillsy> Death now has 40 points and is ranked 100th of 299, behind ChildOfThe80s
with 41.
<%Death> xD

* Judge_Jurgen_PB feeds Blizzardo1 some orange soda
< Blizzardo1> :’D
< fortress> Just out of curiosity…
< fortress> I love orange soda.
< Blizzardo1> Same
* Judge_Jurgen_PB gives Fort some orange soda
< fortress> I also like fruit punch.
< Blizzardo1> I also love Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchel
<Techguru> how hs it been blizzardo1
< fortress> Oh, cherry 7-up.
< Blizzardo1> It’s goind good Techguru
< Elikiasmom> feeds?
< Elikiasmom> how do you feed a drink?
< Blizzardo1> Elikiasmom, Same way you Feed a Milkshake
< Blizzardo1> Bottoms up :3
< Judge_Jurgen_PB> in a 2ltr bottle
< Elikiasmom> I don’t feed drinks :P
<Techguru> 3ltr
<&CCMike> more carbanation??
* Sam throws a diaper at Toddler_Jurgen
* Blizzardo1 throws a Sam at Sam
<&CCMike> carbination*
< Sam> o.o
* Techguru slaps Techguru with a rainbow trout
* Blizzardo1 smacks Blizzardo1 with a Blizzardo1
<Techguru> lol
< Blizzardo1> Blizzception
< Judge_Jurgen_PB> damnit…
< Judge_Jurgen_PB> erm
* Judge_Jurgen_PB throws an umbilical cord at Sam
< Blizzardo1> o,O
<vendetta_returns> lmfao
<miketomdool> this seems like a really weird conversation o.o I think I’m going to
escape while I have the chance
< Blizzardo1> lol
<Techguru> we a bored
<Techguru> *are
< Blizzardo1> This is the normal conversations we get
<Hammy> church of scientology eats the umbilicle cord
< Blizzardo1> >,>
< fortress> Not me, I have plenty to do to keep me entertained.
<Hammy> (tom cruise)
* Sam steers clear
<Techguru> :P i know blizzardo1
<fortress> I don;t like cock on anyhting, too messy.
< bunny> dollar gonna make me holler honey boo boo
[14:44] < scarletvendetta> haha ‘manfriends’
[14:44] < scarletvendetta> what the hell is a ‘manfriend’?
[14:45] < Mattrix> like a girlfriend but with more penis.
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