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[07:51 PM] * Coffee is now known as Amazed
[07:53 PM] <Fudgie> Coffee Is Amazed! :o
[07:55 PM] <Amazed> o.o
[07:55 PM] <Amazed> Lies and slander! :o
[07:55 PM] <Fudgie> :o
[07:55 PM] <Fudgie> Nou!
[07:55 PM] <Amazed> Of course you realize that this means war.
[07:55 PM] <Fudgie> Ofc
[07:55 PM] * Fudgie puts on his monicle
[07:56 PM] * Amazed puts on his bi-monicles
[07:56 PM] * Fudgie pulls out his cane and tophat
[07:56 PM] * Amazed produces a sword cleverly hidden in his umbrella
[07:57 PM] * Fudgie starts to battle Amazed while standing on a pool table
[07:57 PM] * Amazed battles Fudgie while standing in a pool.
[07:58 PM] * Fudgie battles amazed while kicking a rhino in the balls infront of a Nuclear
explosion whilst playing Guns N Roses
[07:59 PM] * Amazed battles Fudgie while measuring both the location and acceleration of
an electron to an arbitrary precision.
[08:00 PM] * Fudgie battles Amazed while sitting on his own lap and strumming a guitar
[08:01 PM] * Amazed battles Fudgie while sitting on his own butt thrice over and playing a
Ukelele with his toes
[08:02 PM] * Fudgie battles Amazed while spading a cat and playing beethoven with this
[08:04 PM] * Amazed battles Fudgie while simultaneously battling Fudgie’s evil twin in an
alternate universe
[08:04 PM] * Fudgie battles Amazed while dimension jumping and eating kebab from the year
[08:05 PM] * Amazed battles Fudgie while having afternoon tea with Genghis Kahn and Mother
[08:06 PM] * Fudgie battles Amazed while calculating Pi to 10,000,000 places using two
[08:07 PM] * Amazed battles Fudgie while squaring the circle using only a used toothbrush
[08:08 PM] * Fudgie battles Amazed while being Amazed and being Amazed while being Amazed
and while Being Amazed
[08:13 PM] * Fudgie currents Amazed while holding a deck chair up by his nose
[08:14 PM] * Amazed assaults Fudgie with an amusingly large pencil
[08:14 PM] * Fudgie raped
[08:15 PM] <Amazed> is that descriptive or predictive? o.o
[08:15 PM] <Fudgie> Both
[08:16 PM] <Amazed> oh, my
<myrti> ahahhaa
<myrti> just got my google ceritificate
<myrti> as an attachment to a mail
<swagger> lol
<myrti> i click on it
<swagger> :(
<myrti> and what does thunderbird say:
<myrti> This attachment appears to be empty.
<myrti> Please check with the person who sent this.
<myrti> Often company firewalls or antivirus programs will destroy attachments.
<myrti> well plaid google, well played
<swagger> good
<swagger> cause I’m jealous.
* swagger books a flight to france
<swagger> or wait
<swagger> are you in germany still?
<computerguy> I have successfully upgraded to WPA2-PSK
<elazar55> w00t
<computerguy> but I am still only on 802.11b/g
<elazar55> Your router is g?
<computerguy> yes
<elazar55> My main router is also G :P
<elazar55> WRT-54G v2 running tomato
<computerguy> westell 7500 running stock firmware :(
<elazar55> secondary router is buffalo WHR-G300N v2 running DD-WRT
<elazar55> Currently being repurposed as a cloth holder
<blackspyder> 1.2 KM is less then 1 mile right?
<myrti> should be roughly a mile
<myrti> i don’t remember how long the trail was
<Legion> 1.2km = 0.745645Mi
<kaylzz> 1st one and im confuzzeld
<kaylzz> :P
<Elazar55> That is not a word D:
<kaylzz> i know hahaha
<Elazar55> I’ve been upgraded to Grammar Hitler :D
<Elazar55> First it was grammar himmler
<Elazar55> than grammar nazi
<Elazar55> now I’m da best ^_^
<Senan> "<Elazar55> You are wrong." – How so?
<Elazar55> File exists
<kaylzz> senan what all these words :/
<Elazar55> >.<
<Senan> kaylzz, You’re upsetting Elazar55… [:(]
<Elazar55> I no upset :(
<Senan> [lol]
<Elazar55> dat assumption
<ident> whats the term for hangovers in the usa?
<Legion> Monday
<crshbndct> sweet no quotes found for me
<mintchewinggum_> Allan has a beard, he knows what he is doing
<toitaly> anyone on anti depprsant called zoloft
<toitaly> ?
<toitaly> i know i cant spell anti deppresant
<toitaly> ;/
<toitaly> anyone on it
<toitaly> >
<toitaly> ?
<Dmitri> I’m too depressed to answer that
<toitaly> bogger off
<toitaly> u <censored>
<toitaly> bloody hell
<toitaly> 1
<toitaly> !
<toitaly> DIE
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