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* Pegasus nukes Katie
* %Katie nukes Pegasus
* Pegasus nukes Katie back with kiss
* %Katie currents Pegasus in return
* Pegasus currents Katie
* %Katie loves it

(everything you didn’t want to know about bots having sex)
<Paden32> does anyone want a invite to google plus
<Apollo> no
<Apollo> i think rupert murdoch wants one
<Caleb> lolol
[20:35:43 07-17] <marissamarissa> wadedada
[20:37:05 07-17] <@Coyote> your English is inspiring
[20:37:24 07-17] <@Coyote> I can almost read it
[20:38:00 07-17] <@Coyote> if you would kindly like to try again, I will try harder
to read it
[20:38:54 07-17] * marissamarissa
( Quit (Connection reset by peer)
[20:39:19 07-17] <@Coyote> aww, now I won’t be able to finish the conversation
[20:39:40 07-17] <%AdamA> Awww…. :(
[20:39:42 07-17] <%AdamA> lol
[20:40:11 07-17] <%AdamA> ’tis funny the things people can come up with on a spur of
the moment sometimes.
[20:40:29 07-17] <@Coyote> ty
<CCMike> VAG is bloatware
<Blizzardo1> PartyParty-> You are setting a threat to your server
<CCMike> AVG*
Sorry, something went wrong.

A team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched to deal with this situation.

If you see them, show them this information: <Too Long>
<&Shawn> i need to pee, but im too lazy to get up
<&MornNickB> better get diapers then
<~penelope> got a cup?
<~penelope> or a bottle
<&Shawn> i have a beer glass…
<&Shawn> ill get up
<&Shawn> i need a drink anyways
<&MornNickB> why don’t you just%u2026 solve both problems at once!
<~penelope> …
<&rygavs> …
<&seiichi01> ….
<&Shawn> …………..
< TheSlorg> I touched boobs once. Then I ended up with 2 kids and learned my lesson.
<@Elikiasmom> Tells tim to wake up :P
<@Tim> oshit
<@Tim> Sorry, hot girl > uno
<@Tim> :p
<@Elikiasmom> Tim you don’t meet hot girls on the internet heh
<@Tim> It’s not the internet
<@Tim> ..
<@Elikiasmom> I know I met my significant other on the internet Ze_Spy :P
<@Ze_Spy> lmfao
<@Tim> I just so happen to know hot girls in real life
<@Tim> so shutit
<@Elikiasmom> Ahh so you knew the hot girl before the internet?
<@Tim> :p
<@Ze_Spy> Tim: Lie.
<@Ze_Spy> Well.
<@Ze_Spy> Tim: How drunk were you when you met them?
<@Ze_Spy> :V
<@Elikiasmom> Tim hmm I will be the judge of hot girl :P
<@Tim> She’s 14..
<@Ze_Spy> Tim: Sounds like a personal problem to me.
<@Tim> I’m 13
<@Tim> Cougar!
<@Tim> ;D
<@Elikiasmom> lol
<@Elikiasmom> I will just say this time I could almost be your mother :P
<@Tim> My mom is 47, actually
<@Tim> :p
<&Fia> Tim plays Blue Skip and skips Elikiasmom to Tim
<@Elikiasmom> Tim well I am not as old as your mother but I am in between you and
your mother heh
<@Tim> Soooo 23?
<@Elikiasmom> ha ha
<@Elikiasmom> A women never tells her age
<@Tim> I know a lot of transvestites then
<@Tim> Har har har
<User_8679> Lol Whats the best hacker name: BlackRa1n, Corrupt, Scorpion, Pheonix,
or Hax0r,
< CCMike> n00b
* Klant_8095 ( has joined #suzie
<Klant_8095> any hot chicks in here interested in some cybersex?
* @T-Rex raises hand
* Klant_8095 ( has left #suzie
<@T-Rex> lawl
<~Suzie> Oh my o_o
<~Suzie> T-Rex, how many times have I told you to stop whoring yourself out to these
sick twists? :P
<@T-Rex> oh ok sorry
<@T-Rex> ill do it for free
<@T-Rex> >.>
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