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Everyone was doing what is commands to see if they had a command related to their nick on
Mark[Bot] on this time the quote happened.
<Christian> What is Christian?
<Pegasus> A dick i guess.
<Christian> **** YOU
[20:54:28] <peaceman> oh, i think you are christian, because Timothy is name from
[20:54:33] <&T1m0thy> No
[20:54:37] <&T1m0thy> I’m an Atheist
Jeffrey|Server: I’m an awesome server
Tom`: servers don’t talk
Jeffrey|Server: yes we do
AdamA: lol
AdamA: Mine certainly do not talk.
Jeffrey|Server: well, I run on Debian 6
Jeffrey|Server: XD
Tom`: I run on Iced Tea
Akestrel19872003: lol @ Tom`
* Akestrel19872003 runs on Dunkin
<Commander_Bacon> it requires lubricant
GamerX9 ( Quit (Connection reset by
<Commander_Bacon> lol oops
<Commander_Bacon> wrong channel
* saso (~saso@209FD53D.E9EAF7C.8A95E552.IP) has joined #chills
<&T-Rex> hey asso
<&T-Rex> >.<
<&T-Rex> Second fricking time I’ve done that
<&T-Rex> SASO
Timothy – You must be nice to the Cady
locust – since when?!?
Amyashi – The apocalypse.
Timothy – locust since bacon was invented.
locust – bacon wasn’t invented, it was given to us by the gods as a reminder to keep the
swine population down
Nickie – why are all geeks fans of bacon
locust – Chewbacca
locust – which is baby talk for "chew bacon"
locust – trufax
Nickie – ahh that solves it
Nickie – thanks!
JamieI np: LMFAO – Party Rock Anthem (feat. Lauren Bennet & GoonRock)
Katie [NP: Spice Girls – shake your fanny]
<Heka> "no mom, I havent got laid yet, but I AM at level 15!"
<stink-f> y u stupid stupid no brain american is giving so much effing truoble caps
caps caps ef caps thats what u soppesd eff go do it ill wait for u btc
— Guru_Meditation has banned *!*@D1692249.799B5E06.63C439D5.IP
<Caleb> fail
*** stink-f was kicked by Guru_Meditation (Ssshhhhhhh…..)

Jim was granted voice by Snoopy.
Jim left the chat room. (Broken pipe)
Jim joined the chat room.
Jim was granted voice by Snoopy.
freakboy31: Hey Jim
freakboy31: you have pipes broken
freakboy31: you need to call a carpenter
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