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Jim was granted voice by Snoopy.
Jim left the chat room. (Broken pipe)
Jim joined the chat room.
Jim was granted voice by Snoopy.
freakboy31: Hey Jim
freakboy31: you have pipes broken
freakboy31: you need to call a carpenter
* TMFKSOFT pokes WindowsXP
* ~WindowsXP empties the Recycle Bin…
< TMFKSOFT> mhaha
< TMFKSOFT> Classic
<&Joshua|Stream> lol
* &Joshua|Stream tries to press the power button to WindowsXP
* ~WindowsXP hibernates
<&Joshua|Stream> awww D:
<&Joshua|Stream> I wonder what happens if I press it again
* &Joshua|Stream pushes the power button again for WindowsXP
< TMFKSOFT> HDD Fail i fink
* ~WindowsXP starts coming out of hibernation…. but then BSoD’s
< TMFKSOFT> Ahhhh crap
<&Joshua|Stream> xD lawlz classic
* TMFKSOFT jabs the restart button
<&Joshua|Stream> xD
* TMFKSOFT hits sfae mode
< TMFKSOFT> *sfae
* TMFKSOFT waits 10yrs for WindowsXP to start
* ~WindowsXP starts up in safe mode…. but then BSoD’s
<&Joshua|Stream> lol
* TMFKSOFT shoves in the XP Disk
* TMFKSOFT starts WindowsXP
* TMFKSOFT boots into system repair
* &Joshua|Stream installs Windows 7 on then Installs windowsXP into VMware
<&Joshua|Stream> :D much better
* TMFKSOFT runs Chkdsk
* ~WindowsXP dies
< TMFKSOFT> See you killed IT
* &Joshua|Stream presses the power button
<&Joshua|Stream> there we go
<&Joshua|Stream> O.o
* TMFKSOFT watches intently
<&Joshua|Stream> why is the computer smoking?
* TMFKSOFT thorws MindyC at WindowsXP
* &Joshua|Stream watches it start to catch on fire
* ~WindowsXP ( has left #Allred58 (Your computer is now safe to shut
<&Joshua|Stream> >.< Crap!!!
<&Joshua|Stream> lawlz
<&Ash> Well, as I originally stated the amount of burning one does to toast
plays an impact on the Earth’s rotation. For instance, burnt toast is slightly heavier
than toast that has not been burnt. This causes the Earth to become confused and throws
off the entire balance. Too much toast on one side of the planet can throw the Earth off
course and potential spiral it into the sun.
<%AndrewE> Hmm, maybe i should tell my mom to stop burning her toast. :/
<&Ash> So, before preparing toast, make sure you contact your friend on the
other side of the world to prepare toast at the same moment. In the event of toast
burning, the planet will remain stable.
<&AlastorMoody> He wasn’t happy enough with his title of "Failed
Philosopher" so he wants "Failed Scientist" now.
< Dallin> So, if you don’t want to alter the gravitational constant of the universe,
don’t burn your toast.
<&Ash> That is all.
< freakboy31> cool story
<&Natasha> Al :P
<&AlastorMoody> We need to put him back in the closet Natasha.
<&Natasha> lol
< Dallin> Don’t even get him started on hashbrowns.
<&AlastorMoody> Next to the "Failed Dentist" who is currently pending
a lawsuit.
<~Sam[MacPro]> na went to a car park
<~CornishNerd> oooh nice
<~CornishNerd> just you
<~CornishNerd> your friend
<~CornishNerd> empty car park
< ~CornishNerd> sooooooo what we gonna do
< ~Brigitte> rrooommmmmmmaaaaaannnnnnnnccccccccccccceeeeeeeeeeeeeee
~CornishNerd throws a Durex thru the window
<~Sam[MacPro]> its hard in his car
<~Brigitte> is it?
<~CornishNerd> lmfao
<~Sam[MacPro]> freeking can’t flick the steering around quick
<~CornishNerd> It’s hard is it
<~Sam[MacPro]> oh ffs!
<~Sam[MacPro]> you bastards
<BladeRunR> stupid people don’t know their dumb
<SubWolf[Laptop]> Theres an infinite number of monkeys outside who want to discuss
this script for Hamlet they’ve worked out.
<OrcarinaOfAwsome> im 13 yrs old
<myrti> :)
<myrti> that’s cool
<OrcarinaOfAwsome> how old r u?
<myrti> twice as old as you
<OrcarinaOfAwsome> so 26- thats kinda gross

<~Christian> ok no one copy me!
<~Christian> ok?
[ <&o_o> ok?
<~Christian> .
<~Mark> Wow _O_
] <~Christian> Grr
<&o_o> .
<~Christian> no
] <&o_o> no
<~Christian> /quit
o_o ( left IRC. (Quit: You got this, and there’s that. You gotz dis
and there’s dat. You got this to the is and the I to the Pie and you got this yeah.. this
is where it’s at. WORD. -_-)
<~Mark> HAHHA!
@kalidor just noticed that ‘giant earthquake’ sounds like ‘giant assquake’ when said with
heavy japanese accent
<macs[ubuntu]> well whats best for running a webserver apache2 or httpd
<&Phil-Work> macs[ubuntu], do you actually google before you ask silly
<&Talia> Phil, his doing that might tear the fabric of space-time
<%Leprekon> My personal favorite response to "What’s best?" is "It’s
the one that works for you."
<&Phil-Work> except when the question is as none-sensical as "should I get
a pet dog or a pet animal"
<&Talia> indeed, Phil
<&Talia> Although, pet rock might be an option there
<&Talia> which sometimes reflects intelligence levels…
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