GeekShed Quote Database

(WhiteWolf) what’s the abbreviation to silence a user?
( Tiger) stfu
-GeekShed-Announcer- [Phil] New system implemented to track channel user counts. More info
can be found at – your
suggestions for what we can do with the data would be much
<PC-Tech> haha Phil you forgot a word in your last announcement…
<bunny> he didn’t leave it out. it was on purpose to avoid offending people. The
missing word is "Ignored"
< Stuzilla> why thats a Big Hunk of Meat there Brigitte
<&Brigitte> i love meat
* Xentall ( Quit (Quit: Xentall)
<&Brigitte> yumyum
<@blaster> o.O
< Stuzilla> giggedy
Dmitri> I don’t own a toilet
UncleJohn> Huh??
UncleJohn> Ok if you dont own a toilet dmitri, where do you go?lol
Dmitri> in jars
UncleJohn> :-O
~UncleJohn not going to dmitri’s house.
%blaster: I have a policy, I don’t join channels owned by teenagers
iTechman: im not a teen
%blaster: you sure act like one
iTechman: im 15
<@Cady> Phil doesn’t have a weewee..btw..
<@Cady> childhood accident.
Allan> my building hacked in an intercom system, and electronic locks on the outside
Allan> but they just VoIP’d it, and made it call my phone
UncleJohn> "Hmm yeah 411, whats the number for apartment G1? No no not the phone,
the door!"
Allan> no
Allan> our apparents are numbered
UncleJohn> "Im sorry, im currently not available to open the door, if you would
leave your name, number, ill be sure to open the door later."lol
Allan> i’m not on my phone that often
UncleJohn> "Were sorry the door your trying to reach is no longer available, if
you feel you have reached this door in error, please hang up and knock instead. Thak

<Jackster35[away]> …
* Jackster35[away] wanks
<Jackster35[away]> walks*
<Jackster35[away]> D:
<Jackster35[away]> Sorry about that D:
<Jackster35[away]> my god
<Sin> That’s one for the qdb right there
<~Pierce> typo of the year, epic type fail
<@KD> Phil: Wheres my ring?
<&Phil> KD, you shouldn’t ask questions like that in public
<&Phil> perhaps your doctor is the best person to show you
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