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Guess Rocky won’t use that auto slap-back script anymore…

* Cretemonster is now known as hismeat
* hismeat slaps therock247uk with a smelly sea bass
* therock247uk slaps hismeat with a copy of microsoft windows me.
<hismeat> lmfao
<hismeat> thats great!!!!

* Cretemonster is now known as hisJohnson
* hisJohnson slaps therock247uk with a pickled Herring
* therock247uk slaps hisJohnson with a copy of microsoft windows me.
<therock247uk> ffs!
* hisJohnson is now known as Cretemonster

* Kat is now known as HisWinky
* HisWinky slaps therock247uk with a random heavy object
* therock247uk slaps HisWinky with a copy of microsoft windows me.
<therock247uk> DAMMIT
<Cretemonster> lmfao
* HisWinky is now known as Kat
<Kat> I had to
<Bkil> can you raise Phil Cady?
<Cady> do what to phil?
<Cady> raise? what do you mean by that?
<Bkil> get his attention to IRC
<Bkil> not that, perv
<~Cady> If i had known that there was wifi in this crap building…
<~Cady> >_<
<~Phil-Work> hai gay
<~Cady> Shh
<~Cady> I’m being educated. :P
<~Phil-Work> I’m pretending to work
<~Cady> lol
<~Phil-Work> you’re pretending to get edumacated
<~Cady> omgeeh.
<~Cady> shit
<~Cady> i just missed something important.
<~Phil-Work> the cure for your STDs?
<~Cady> NOO
<~Cady> speech sign ups
<DG> I have an itch on my back
< compaq1223> umm ok?
<DG> Random
* %locust stops poking his DG voodoo doll
<DG> Oh :)
< compaq1223> XD
< compaq1223> locust, do u have a compaq one tooo :P
<%locust> no, you have a compaq.. that’s punishment enough
* %locust hides
< compaq1223> :o
<ChrisPirillo> It’s up!
<ianrule> pleas eno you tube links
* CCMike removes ban on *!*
<tengrrl> ianrule: Chris is allowed to post links in his own channel
<Brigitte> ianrule Chris is allowed to post links here :p
<ChrisPirillo> sorry. :)
<Craighton> alright
<Craighton> the big question
<Craighton> Lighttpd or Apache
<@tengrrl> Yes, Craighton, I will marry you
<@tengrrl> oh
<@tengrrl> wrong question
<Craighton> 0.0
<&Pierce> that BSOD on the microsoft surface… thats… thats like teen sex…
never happens but… when it does its just.. omg…
<&Pierce> im so bad
<&Pierce> and Craighton didnt even notice
<~Craighton|Mac> what!?!?!?!
<&Pierce> nvm
<~Craighton|Mac> lol fail
<&Pierce> me or you?
<~Craighton|Mac> you
<&Pierce> you wish
<~Craighton|Mac> I am trying to piece together what you said
<~Craighton|Mac> you’ve never gotten any so I’m gettin a little confuesed
<&Pierce> lol
<&Pierce> oh you are on form tonight
…Some serious #help stuff here…

-Stuzilla- i fart in your general directions
<Phil> Stuzilla, your muzzer was an amster

…Some more serious #help stuff here…
<mintchewinggum_> Allan has a beard, he knows what he is doing
<Trojan> Hello, I’m a bot, please type "rarh" to make me leave, not! :P
* Trojan was kicked by Phil (rarh?)
<&Phil> fuck, it worked
<&Phil> amazing
<%Zetacon> rofl.
<&Phil> that’s a smart bot
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