GeekShed Quote Database

Selectively quoted to remove anything un-funny:

<Allan> Phil: my binary code works, i tested it
<Phil> Allan, clearly not
<Allan> it did too
<Allan> i tested it as allan-login.php
<Pctech37> nerds.
<Phil> thanks for the input, Pctech37
<Henco> jealous.
<Phil> o.0
<Allan> Pctech37: this from the n00bstick that things he can get a settlement free
peering agreement just out of his pure awesomeness
<Pctech37> So what is this script even for?
<Phil> QDB, Pctech37
<Allan> Pctech37: its just to baffle people like you
<Henco> lol
<Ryan> it’s really for unlocking the 9th chevron on a planet without a naquadriah
<Pctech37> Just get some other qdb code
<Phil> the root is an echo of the result
* Phil sets mode: +b *!*
* Pctech37 was kicked by Phil (Phil)
<notbryant> Allan can explain anything better. He is like an explaining machine that
runs on BSD.
<lus> how do you make a accont for brad cast
<&Natasha> I’m not sure who Brad Cast is :P
<@archuleta> Broadcast?
* %AndrewE tackles Natasha.
* &Natasha falls
* mk|Android ( has joined #ericjess
* Socrates sets mode: v mk|Android
<@Talia> Brad Cast is Brad Pitt’s injured stunt double
* saso (~saso@209FD53D.E9EAF7C.8A95E552.IP) has joined #chills
<&T-Rex> hey asso
<&T-Rex> >.<
<&T-Rex> Second fricking time I’ve done that
<&T-Rex> SASO
<~Christian> ok no one copy me!
<~Christian> ok?
[ <&o_o> ok?
<~Christian> .
<~Mark> Wow _O_
] <~Christian> Grr
<&o_o> .
<~Christian> no
] <&o_o> no
<~Christian> /quit
o_o ( left IRC. (Quit: You got this, and there’s that. You gotz dis
and there’s dat. You got this to the is and the I to the Pie and you got this yeah.. this
is where it’s at. WORD. -_-)
<~Mark> HAHHA!
<@Henco> that game knows where you live
< joshi> really
< joshi> if your on live
<@Henco> yeah
<@Henco> look at the back of the case
<@Henco> it says "Gullable"
< joshi> im on the xbox upstairs – which doesnt have live
< joshi> where does it say that
<@Henco> on the back
<@Henco> near the bottom
< joshi> errr’
<@Henco> Can’t find it?
< joshi> nope
* @Henco sighs
<@Henco> Oh, the irony.
<~DylanCombs> !sync
* Snoopy sets mode: q Kat
* Snoopy sets mode: -qo DylanCombs DylanCombs
<~Kat> b ahahaha
* ~Kat dies laughing
<DylanCombs> DAMNIT
<DylanCombs> did that wrong
* ~Kat chokes
<coyotebrown> do an ad for geekshed
<coyotebrown> get a bunch of geeks
<coyotebrown> and put them in a shed
<coyotebrown> and film it
<GreyBeard> hmmm
<GreyBeard> then chain the door and torch it?
<coyotebrown> Geek shed: we probably won’t burn you alive
<GreyBeard> heheh
<Cleta> where have you been Katie ?
<Katie> Amsterdam.
<Cleta> what did you do there Katie ?
<Cleta> lol
<%Stuzilla|AFK> Proof i know females
<Henco|Laptop> oh, dear god…
* Henco|Laptop says nothing more
<%Stuzilla|AFK> you wish your hair was remotely as amazing as mine
<&Phil> my thoughts exactly
<&Phil> Henco’s, not Stu’s
<&Phil> lol
<%Stuzilla|AFK> ahaha
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