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<locust> could be worse.. like being stuck in elevator for a minute with CN right
after he’s ate chili
<RAWRwins254> Phil: i love you now…. the nicknames feature = epic
<Luma> lol
<Phil> heh
<CornishNerd> Insulting that you didn’t love him before RAWRwins254
<RAWRwins254> LOL
<RAWRwins254> okay let me rephrase… I love him MORE… happy?
<CornishNerd> ok, ok I’ll let it slip
<Luma> not good enough RAWRwins254
<mudklplover> you want to make love to him?
<CornishNerd> but next time!…
* a ( has joined #chris
* Night has quit (Ping timeout)
<RAWRwins254> mudklplover: ewww
<Luma> mudklplover: eww?
<Phil> I’d like that
<Phil> eh
<Phil> I mean
<Phil> ewwww
* Luma screams
<Phil> ehrm
<CornishNerd> xD
<RAWRwins254> XD
<mudklplover> lol
<RAWRwins254> Phil: i knew you had the hots for me :P
* Esa has quit (Quit: )
<Luma> hmm odd
<mudklplover> bbl going to go smoke a fagggg
* RAWRwins254 is now afraid of a 1s gline :(
<Luma> i guess you havent configured the settings to save yet Phil?
<Phil> save what, Luma?
<Luma> I put Kill to quick mode, hit save, didnt save when i refreshed
* tengrrl glines RAWRwins254 so he can get that out of the way
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