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* Amazed is lonesome
<cryptodan> you have root
<Amazed> sudo, actually
<Amazed> I never bothered to enabled the root account
<cryptodan> You can spawn processes like mad then when they misbehave kill them lol
<cryptodan> cant do that in real life they will haul you off.
<Amazed> but will a userland process cuddle?
<cryptodan> it might
<cryptodan> just gotta cat it the right way
<cryptodan> dont tar it and it wont complain
<Amazed> The problem with the relationship daemon is that it is so resource
<Amazed> it gobbles up CPU time and leaks memory like mad
<cryptodan> nice it
<Amazed> can’t
<Amazed> renicing the relationsD proc will cause a crash
<cryptodan> dump it and start another lol
<Amazed> still working on configuring it
<Amazed> haven’t gotten it to run yet
<cryptodan> missing deps?
<Amazed> possibly
<Amazed> I tend to think that there’s a conflict with my AppArmor
<Amazed> or maybe SELinux
<cryptodan> yeah those kids can be a pain
<Amazed> I hear that installing it as a kernel module can help, but I’m not ready
for that kind of commitment :p
cryptodan> That can bloat the kernel
Amazed> totally
<cryptodan> maybe cause security issues as well
<Amazed> not to mention system instability
<Amazed> if the kernel module fails, the whole system can come crashing down
<cryptodan> crashes and kernel panics to much to deal with
<Amazed> yeah
<Amazed> the plugins sure are tempting, though :p
<cryptodan> You may also have to increase the size of the land as well
<cryptodan> support more kernel calls and modules
* Amazed wishes there was a ./configure script
<cryptodan> wouldnt that be nice
<Amazed> hell, even a man page would be nice
<Amazed> I tell you, the documentation for this thing sucks
<cryptodan> yeah no doubt but then youd be constantly updating it and rebooting
<Amazed> another thing is that it locks resources and prevents multiple instances
<Amazed> still, running in single user mode has its perks ^.^
<cryptodan> Yup nice and secure
<cryptodan> you can mount at will
<Amazed> provided the filesystem isn’t dirty
<Amazed> and even then, but it’s not a good idea
<cryptodan> at that point a nice fsck would do
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