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* Gon (~TFlash@64DA811E.19AC5AE8.D60FC824.IP) has joined
<Gon> anybody know how to hack?
<Gon> a good kind of hack
* Gon is now known as Unidentified7007
<Allen> Yes I do, you’ll need a hatchet and a tree.
<Unidentified7007> and what will I do with them?
<Allen> You’ll hack the tree down.
<Unidentified7007> give them codes or something?
<Unidentified7007> ag
<Unidentified7007> ah
<JayTee84> You don’t necessarily need a hatchet. you can use a swiss army knife and
or a hack saw depending on the width of the tree you are trying to "hack"
<Allen> or an axe
<JayTee84> or for this guy I would recommend maybe a butter knife
<Allen> True
<Unidentified7007> fillet?
<JayTee84> a very dull butter knife
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