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<Magic-Fx> im new here, is it busy or idle?
<Magic-Fx> wheres people from?
<@Tommy`> Alpha Centauri
<@Tommy`> sometimes chat happens, sometimes not, depends on who wants to respond and
<@Tommy`> lots of other channels on the server too, you can do /list to see some
<Magic-Fx> aw yeah no idea where that is, I’m from New Zealand
<Magic-Fx> ohhhh its in Australia?
<@Tommy`> not quite
<Magic-Fx> tas/
<Magic-Fx> oh nah wait
<Magic-Fx> A, b, Ab, or C?
<@Tommy`> C of course
<Magic-Fx> figures
<Magic-Fx> free wifi there?
<@Tommy`> nah, costs an arm and a leg, hard to get around after you pay
<@Tommy`> and typing one handed is not easy
<Magic-Fx> yeah I bet, bet the blood thickens quick in the heat
<@Tommy`> if your neutrons are not aligned, yep
<Magic-Fx> I hear that happened to Bin laden
<@Tommy`> he lost focus, total neutron separation
<Magic-Fx> hahaha my misses is looking at me in total neutron sepeation
<@Tommy`> that happens, use a mirror
<Magic-Fx> thanks will give it a go
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