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<&Phil-Netbook> I haven’t used a pen to write anything for ages
<&Phil-Netbook> just tried
<&Phil-Netbook> my hand doesn’t move as it should
<&Phil-Netbook> lol
< Dmitri> pen? is it a usb one?
<&Phil-Netbook> lol
<%CornishNerd> A ‘pen’? *Googles it*
< Dmitri> lol
< Dmitri> I can picture Phil writing with his pen, making a mistake and looking for
the backspace key on the pen
< cirian75> lol
<&Phil-Netbook> tried that
<&Phil-Netbook> apparently it doesn’t have one
<&Phil-Netbook> which moron invented these things?
< Apollo> egyptians or the chinese
<&Phil-Netbook> Mr Pen of, so I heard
< Apollo> !!
< Dmitri> of what land?
* %CornishNerd facepalms
< Apollo> whhhaa?!
<&Phil-Netbook> pen island
< Haarukka> pen is land? :D
<%CornishNerd> lmao
< Apollo> i cant stop laughing hey
<&Phil-Netbook> idk what you were thinking
<&Phil-Netbook> gawd
<Terminal> smutty bunch :P
<&Phil-Netbook> this is a family friendly chat roonm
<&Phil-Netbook> -n
< Apollo> spilt my tea as well
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