GeekShed has, from the beginning, had a policy of absolute financial transparency. It is important to us that our donors know where their money is going. What follows is our accounts archived by trading year and, as they stand currently. We try to keep them up to date as much as we can, however we may sometimes be a few days behind. We kindly ask you to bear with us on this.

If you have any questions at all about the accounts, please come and chat to us in #help.

You can donate to GeekShed at the donations page.

Account Archive

Start Date End Date Accounts Download
24 October 2009 23 October 2010 Download
24 October 2010 23 October 2011 Download
24 October 2011 23 October 2012 Download
24 October 2012 23 October 2013 Download
24 October 2013 23 October 2014 Download
24 October 2014 23 October 2015 Download
23 October 2015 22 October 2016 Download
23 October 2016 22 October 2017 Download