GeekShed depends completely on your financial support. Without it, we cannot function. Your donation will go towards such things as company maintenance fees and our domain names.

We are very open about our financial position and wish to make our accounts available and transparent to everyone. We were formed as a company on October 23rd 2009 and have started accepting donations on October 25th 2009. Our accounts can be seen here.

When you donate, you are entitled to request a donor vhost. This is in the format where xxxx is the donor level. Donor levels and the donation required is listed in the following table.

Donor Level Minimum Donation Required (USD)
Platinum $1000
Gold $500
Iridium $250
Osmium $150
Palladium $100
Rhenium $75
Germanium $50
Beryllium $30
Silver $20
Aluminium $15
Copper $10
Nickel $5

If you have any questions, please feel free to come and chat to us in #help.

When you donate, please provide your nickname and a URL of a website/twitter account and we will put you on our supporters page. If you wish your donations to remain anonymous, please state that when you donate. We kindly request that you donate $5 or more if you would like to feature on the supporters page.

To donate to GeekShed, please use the following button. We appreciate whatever you can afford to donate in order to help us keep providing the best possible service: