This page shows all of our servers on the network. We recommend that you do not connect to any of them directly, rather that you connect to a random server by pointing your IRC client to

We currently have no IPv6 support

Those servers marked in red are currently not operating to their full potential. We will be looking into the problem and fixing it as soon as possible.

IRC Servers

Server NameLocationDonated ByIPv6 Support
Ainur.GeekShed.netSan Francisco, California, USADonated By Helio 
Eldar.GeekShed.netNetherlands, EuropeDonated By Helio 
Enterprise.GeekShed.netFrankfurt, DEDonated By Phil 
Jolly.GeekShed.netElk Grove Village, Illinois, USADonated By Phil 
Maiar.GeekShed.netNew York, USADonated By Helio 
Tyrol.GeekShed.netIrvine, California, USADonated by 
Unimatrix.GeekShed.netHamilton, Ontario, CanadaDonated by Allan 

Services Servers

Server NameServer LocationManaged ByServer Purpose
Gideon.GeekShed.netUndisclosed LocationDonated By PhilCollecting user information for RSS feeds, user count badges, etc.
Lucifer.GeekShed.netElk Grove Village, Illinois, USADonated By PhilBNCs
Services.GeekShed.netUndisclosed LocationAllan, Phil, Helio and CoreyAnope Services Server