Syntax: /msg MemoServ  SENDALL memo-text
     Sends all registered users a memo containing memo-text.
     Syntax: /msg MemoServ  STAFF memo-text
     Sends all services staff a memo containing memo-text.
     Note: If you have opers on both the oper list and the
     admin list they will receive the memo twice.  The same
     applies for oper's on the Root list as well as other
     Syntax: /msg MemoServ  SET LIMIT [user | channel] {limit | NONE} [HARD]
     Sets the maximum number of memos a user or channel is
     allowed to have.  Setting the limit to 0 prevents the user
     from receiving any memos; setting it to NONE allows the
     user to receive and keep as many memos as they want.  If
     you do not give a nickname or channel, your own limit is
     Adding HARD prevents the user from changing the limit.  Not
     adding HARD has the opposite effect, allowing the user to
     change the limit (even if a previous limit was set with
     This use of the SET LIMIT command is limited to Services
     admins.  Other users may only enter a limit for themselves
     or a channel on which they have such privileges, may not
     remove their limit, may not set a limit above <num>, and may
     not set a hard limit.
  • INFO
     Syntax: /msg MemoServ  INFO [nick | channel]
     Without a parameter, displays information on the number of
     memos you have, how many of them are unread, and how many
     total memos you can receive.
     With a channel parameter, displays the same information for
     the given channel.
     With a nickname parameter, displays the same information
     for the given nickname.  This use limited to Services