Services admins can also drop any channel without needing to identify via password, and may view the access, AKICK, and level setting lists for any channel.

     Syntax: /msg ChanServ  LOGOUT channel [nickname]
     This command will log the selected nickname out meaning they
     would have to reidentify themselves to regain their access.
     If you are the founder of the channel, you can log out anybody,
     else you can only log out yourself.
     If you are a Services admin, you can log out
     anybody of any channel without having to be the founder
     of the channel. Also, you can omit the nickname parameter;
     this will log out all identified users from the channel.
  • DROP
     Syntax: /msg ChanServ  DROP channel
     Unregisters the named channel.  Only Services admins
     can drop a channel for which they have not identified.
  • SET
     Services admins can also set the option NOEXPIRE, with
     which channels can be prevented from expiring.
     Additionally, Services admins can set options for any
     channel without identifying by password for the channel.
       Syntax: /msg ChanServ  SET channel NOEXPIRE {ON | OFF}
       Sets whether the given channel will expire.  Setting this
       to ON prevents the channel from expiring.
  • INFO
     Services admins can use the ALL parameter with any channel.
  • LIST
     Syntax: /msg ChanServ  LIST pattern [FORBIDDEN] [SUSPENDED] [NOEXPIRE]
     Lists all registered channels matching the given pattern.
     Channels with the PRIVATE option set will only be displayed
     to Services admins. Channels with the NOEXPIRE option set
     will have a ! appended to the channel name for Services admins.
     If the FORBIDDEN, SUSPENDED or NOEXPIRE options are given, only
     channels which, respectively, are FORBIDden, SUSPENDed or have
     the NOEXPIRE flag set will be displayed.  If multiple options are
     given, more types of channels will be displayed. These options are
     limited to Services admins.
     Syntax: /msg ChanServ  GETPASS channel
     Returns the password for the given channel.  Note that
     whenever this command is used, a message including the
     person who issued the command and the channel it was used
     on will be logged and sent out as a WALLOPS/GLOBOPS.
    This command is unavailable because encryption is enabled.
     Syntax: /msg ChanServ  FORBID channel [reason]
     Disallows anyone from registering or using the given
     channel.  May be cancelled by dropping the channel.
     Reason may be required on certain networks.
     Syntax: /msg ChanServ  SUSPEND channel [reason]
     Disallows anyone from registering or using the given
     channel.  May be cancelled by using the UNSUSPEND
     command to preserve all previous channel data/settings.
     Reason may be required on certain networks.
     Syntax: /msg ChanServ  UNSUSPEND channel
     Releases a suspended channel. All data and settings
     are preserved from before the suspension.
     Syntax: /msg ChanServ  STATUS channel nickname
     Returns the current access level of the given nick on the
     given channel.  The reply is of the form:
         STATUS channel nickname access-level
     If an error occurs, the reply will be in the form:
         STATUS ERROR error-message