Syntax: !AKILL add [+expiry] mask reason
             !AKILL del {mask | entry-num | list}
             !AKILL {list | view} [mask | list]
             !AKILL clear
     Will force a ban on a mask for the entire network.  Available to IRC 
     Operators only. This command may be disabled.  See the 
     OperServ AKILL command for more details.
  • !KILL
     Syntax: !KILL [nick [reason]]
     Kills the user.  Available to IRC Operators only. See the 
     IRCop KILL command for more details.
  • !MODE
     Syntax: !MODE mode(s)
     This will set the specified modes on the channel. This command may be
     disabled. See the OperServ MODE command for more details. 
     Syntax: !IGNORE {list | clear}
             !ignore {add | del} [expiry] [nick]
             !ignore {list | clear}
     Allows Services Admins to make Services ignore a nick for a
     certain time or until the next restart. The default time
     format is seconds. Combinations of time units are not permitted.
     To make Services ignore ignore the user untill next restart 
     type 0 as time. See the OperServ IGNORE command for more details.