There have been many questions directed at us lately about the status of donations made to WyldRyde. In this post we hope to clear it up for all users and prevent the pain of answering the same question many times.

GeekShed is a separate entity to WyldRyde and its staff have never had any knowledge of WyldRyde’s accounts or expenditure. We strongly sympathise with users who would like these questions answered, but kindly ask you to refer them to WyldRyde.

At GeekShed, we offer complete transparency of our accounts – simply because we have nothing to hide. We openly welcome comments or questions about our expenditure.

We understand that users like their donor vhosts and these have already been ported over to the new domain. Once our vhost policy is established, we will publish more information on the future of these vhosts. We do, however, vow that your vhost will not be lost and that your donor level, as shown in the vhost, will remain the same – although the wording is subject to change.

We apologise unreservedly for the problems you are having and hope that your questions will be answered within a satisfactory time scale.