Registering your channel on GeekShed gives you many advantages, and is completely free. These include:

  • Increased control over your channel
  • Ability to add people to the auto op list
  • Ability to add auto kicks
  • Ability to use a services bot to auto moderate your channel
  • And many many more…

To register your channel, you must first register your nickname. To do this, when you are using the nickname that you wish to register, type the following command into your IRC client:

/ns register password e-mail

You must replace password and e-mail with a real password and e-mail address, respectively. An example of the use of this command is:

/ns register supersecretpassword

It is important that you use your real e-mail address as this will be used in future if you ever forget your password. We will not send any unsolicited e-mail to this address.

Once you have registered your nickname, you can register your channel. All channels names begin with the # symbol, for example #help, #chris and #247fixes. Once you have picked a channel name, you can join it using the command:

/join #channel

For example:

/join #chat

Once you have joined the channel, if it is not already registered, you should see your name in the nickname list with the @ symbol next to it. This means you are an operator in the channel. You may now register it with the following command:

/cs register #channel password description

You must replace #channel, password and description with the channel name, the channel password and a description of the channel. An example of the use of this command is:

/cs register #chat verysecretpassword Freds chat channel

Once you have done that, you should see your name in the nick list prefixed with the ~ symbol. This means you are the owner of the channel.

If you have any problems registering your channel, come and talk to us in #help on