At least once a week, we get asked about IRC clients that people can use. Although GeekShed offers the TFlash flash-based chat client that can be used and embedded on one’s site, unless you’re a casual chatter on a few channels, it is often beneficial to use a dedicated IRC client. By using a client, you are able to have more features such as scripts, logging, and more advanced channel moderation tools.

Below is a list of some IRC clients. It is not an exhaustive list, so if you do not like any of the clients, search around the web for one that you do like.
ClientSupported Platforms
X-Chat 2Windows
X-Chat AquaMacintosh
ChatZilla (Firefox addon)Windows, Macintosh, *nix
OperaWindows, Macintosh, *nix
BitchXWindows, Macintosh, *nix
IrssiWindows, Macintosh, *nix
Do you recommend any of these clients, or one that isn’t listed? Feel free to add a comment, and let us know.