Quit Messages and What They Mean

Excess flood – you attempted to send too much data to the IRC server too quickly. The server thought you were attempting to flood it, and so it disconnected you. If this is happening to you a lot, you should check to see if your client offers a setting that will prevent this (mIRC users: Options -> IRC -> Flood).

Max sendQ exceeded – you failed to receive the data from the server quick enough; the server tried to send you too much data and closed the connection. This could happen if you use /who on larger channels too often.

Ping timeout – In order to confirm that connections are still active, servers regularly send out ping requests. When a client doesn’t respond to this within a set period of time, 2 minutes on GeekShed, it believes that the connection no longer active, and closes it. If this happening to you often, you should try using the closest server to you (or the next closest, if you’re already using the closest).

Connection reset by peer – when the IRC client uncleanly closes the connection to the server , the server may not realize that the connection has been terminated. In this situation, the user still appears to be online (a ghost user). The next time the server attempts to send data to the client, it realizes the connection no longer exists and resets it; the ghost is then disconnected.

Broken pipe – when there is a sudden break in the connection between the IRC server and client, the user will disconnect with this message.

*.geekshed.net *.geekshed.net – this is a netsplit, or when one server loses its connection from the rest of the network. For a more detailed explanation, as well as images, view the WikiPedia entry on Netsplits.

G:lined or Z:lined – for some reason, the user has been banned from the network. The reason, as well as a URL where the person may find more information is always given when staff ban someone. For information on the ban appeal process, please see the Ban Appeals page.

Killed (nick (reasons)) – this is given when a user has been forcibly disconnected from the network by a staff member. The staff member’s name and a reason are always given. This should be viewed as a warning, and the user may be banned if the behavior continues.

Flash Client Upgrade

We have, for quite a while now, offered TFlash as our web based IRC client. This was originally written as a quick replacement for the Java client we used previously. TFlash has, however, stood up to the test of time and has proved to be a very popular client amongst users.

We have now decided that it is time to upgrade TFlash to make it bigger and better. To this end, we contracted Mike Parks (BigRedPimp) of thinkrightgames.com to carry out the work. He is an incredibly experienced Flash developer and has made an exceptional job of the new Flash Client.

Today we have launched this new client and it should now be embedded on all of the sites that had the old Flash client embedded.

Development of the client started in early December and, since then, a team of testers have tirelessly tested it and removed bugs. We thank them for their help. If you do however find a bug, please report it using the address at the top of the new flash client.

BigRedPimp has put in a huge amount of effort with this project and we thank him unreservedly for his time and for doing this project for such a low cost. We are glad to call him a friend of GeekShed.

If you have any questions about the new Flash client, please come and see us in #help on irc.geekshed.net.

You can see the new TFlash at http://www.geekshed.net/chat/

GeekShed Management Script

GeekShed has an officially supported management script written by the GeekShed staff along with users Zetacon and GrimReaper. It offers a range of features including canned messages to help people with common questions as well as some decent channel and nickname management features.

We have checked out the tags directory at http://www.geekshed.net/gs-script/ so you can find each version of the script. We recommend using the latest version (i.e. the one with the highest version number). The script is the one ending in .mrc. The .sig file is the GPG signature of the script and has been included from versions 1.8 for posterity. Public key Phil Lavin (Freelance Programmer) can be found on major key synchronizing servers.

Load it into the remotes section of your script editor just like any other script or place it in your mIRC install dir and type:

/load -rs gs-chanscript.mrc
Any problems, come see us in #help on irc.geekshed.net

Login Service

We have, for a while now, had a login service which links to our services database to allow you to login to areas of the site, such as the quote database, using your services login. This has always been an experimental feature however we are now happy that it’s working great and have finalized it. We have applied an SSL certificate to the site to allow your username and password to be encrypted as it passes over the Internet for our auth service to verify.

We hope to be able to use this service in the future for lots of cool areas of the site including web based nickname and channel registration.

What Ports Can I Use to Connect to GeekShed?

Besides the default port 6667, all GeekShed servers accept standard connections on the following ports:

6660, 6661, 6662, 6663, 6664, 6665, 6666, 6668, 6669, 7029, 7070, 1494, and 1755

All servers also accept SSL connections on port 6697.

Should you experience difficulties in connecting, you can try another port or another server. Should you still have difficulties, you can post in the forums where someone will be able to assist you.