A bot is defined as any client which joins a channel on the GeekShed IRC network and interacts with it through one or more automated scripts. If your own IRC client runs scripts which can be automatically triggered you are considered to be a bot and may be banned from the network for joining channels without the owner’s permission. To avoid this, be fully aware of the scripts that your client is running and ensure any trigger scripts are disabled in channels where permission has not been given to run them.

The following is an example of such a script:

<Phil> !uptime
<darkly57> I have been awake for 6days 7hrs 6mins 23secs

Bots are welcome on GeekShed providing that they abide by the Terms of Service. Although the whole of this document is relevant the parts especially relevant to bots are sections 7 and 8.

The most important thing to remember is: bots should NOT be joined to channels without the permission of the channel owner.

If you have any questions on allowed bots, please visit us in #help on irc.geekshed.net.