We have written and loaded a module into services to allow you to specify a ban appeal procedure for your channel. This module will allow users to see your ban appeal information when they do /cs info #yourchannel and also online at http://www.geekshed.net/chanban/. We have made this URL easy to remember so that you can point people to it if they enter your channel asking about a ban in another channel.

Note: Because of the nature of services, this web page may be up to 5 mins out of date. Every channel with a ban appeal procedure specified will show up on this web page. If you do not wish your channel to show up do NOT specify a ban appeal procedure.

To specify ban appeal information for your channel use the following command:

/cs SET channel BANINFO [info]

An example of this would be:

/cs set #phil baninfo Bans cannot be appealed

To remove this, do the command with no appeal procedure specified. For example:

/cs set #phil baninfo

If you have any questions, ask in #help.