Private messages (PMs), as the name implies, pass only between two users on the network. any registered users on GeekShed can use the commands /msg, /query, and /notice to send PMs to each other.

There are times when you’re just not up for conversation or a troll is bothering you with lots of private comments. One simple solution is to block your private messages (PMs). The command to block all PMs is easy:

/umode2 +D

If you use mnemonics to remember commands, the “D” stands for Deaf. Enter that command exactly, and you should no longer receive PMs from other users on the network. Note that IRCops (network staff) can still PM you.

When someone tries to PM you, they will see a message like this from the server:

Message to '<your nick here>' not delivered: User does not accept private messages 

TIP: This command is not persistent (or permanent). You have to enter the command every time you connect to GeekShed. If you’re using a client that can perform commands when you connect to a network, you can use that capability to make sure PMs are always blocked.

How to Unblock Private Messages

To reverse the command all you have to do is change the plus to a minus, like this:

/umode2 -D

Private Messages with Unregistered Users

Private messages from unregistered users are automatically blocked on GeekShed. This default setting helps protect everyone against spammers. If you don’t want these message blocked, just follow the instructions to receive Private Messages with Unregistered Users.


—posted by Tengrrl/Bunny