You may not notice it right away, but we’ve been busy making the website a little easier for you to use. We’ve added details on the Fantasy commands, and we’ve added the capability to link directly to a specific command on the website. Keep reading for the details.

Fantasy Commands

First, if you use Fantasy commands in your channel, we have good news for you. We’ve added a complete listing of the Fantasy commands to our online documentation. Now you can browse through the commands and easily find additional information on everything from !AKICK to !TKB.

Remember that you have to turn on the Fantasy option to use Fantasy commands. Find all the details on the new page.

Link Directly to Specific Commands

Second, we’ve added internal links to the commands on all of the documentation pages so you can give someone the address of a specific command.

Here’s an example. Previously, if someone asked for the command to add ops to permanently to their channel, you could send them to the ChanServ page and tell them to scroll down to the AOP command. Now you can send them directly to the AOP command.

These naming conventions were used to set up the internal links:

  • The link is the command name as listed in the bullet item (so, for instance, AOP).
  • The link for Fantasy commands does NOT include the exclamation point (so, for instance, TKB).
  • The link will show as one word with no spaces (so, for instance, SETGREET).
  • The link is always in all caps (so, for instance, BADWORDS)

To give someone the link to a specific command, use this general format:[Kind of Command]/#[Command Name]

Just replace the info in the square brackets with the pertinent details and remove the square brackets too to get address for the command. Here are some examples to give you the idea of how the system works:

If you know the general command, this system should make it relatively easy to figure out the links you need if you’re trying to help someone find details.


—posted by Tengrrl/Bunny