nice ghost in our treeHave you ever had your computer, Internet or modem go down while you were on GeekShed, and then when you log back in you find out that your nickname is still connected? If so, you have been a ghost on the GeekShed network.

On IRC, a ghost session is one which is not actually connected, but which the IRC server believes is still online for one reason or another. Usually, this situation happens when your computer gets disconnected somehow while you’re on IRC. If the connection isn’t closed properly, you can remain on the network as a ghost.

These ghost connections are not really scary, but they are a little inconvenient since you cannot use your nickname until the ghost session disconnects. Fortunately you can end the session manually. To close a ghost session, use this command:

/msg NickServ GHOST nick password

For example, if LordBaconCheeseburger was the ghost session, I would type:

/msg NickServ GHOST LordBaconCheeseburger supersecretpassword

You will see the ghost session disconnect, usually with a message like this:

Quits: LordBaconCheeseburger (~yummy@baconbaconbacon.vhost) (NickServ (GHOST command used by LordDoubleBaconCheeseburger))

You can then use the /NICK command to change to your nick. The ghost has been eliminated and you didn’t even have to worry about ectoplasmic residue.


—posted by Tengrrl/Bunny