Round Robin Improvements

RobinBye, bye birdie! GeekShed is moving to an auto-geo-ip system that determines the best server to connect users too.

You no longer have to find the best round robin for your location. The new system should detect your location and route you to the best server for your location and situation.

The system includes some load balancing as well, so if the closest server is full, you will be routed to another, faster server.

To set up your client, simply use the address no matter where you are. Note that we do not support ipv6 at this time.

Special Connection Round Robins

We also have round robins based on pools of servers with special capabilities. If you need these features, use one of these options:

If you have any difficulties with any of the servers, just join #help and someone will assist you.


Photo: Robin by John Haslam, on Flickr

—posted by Tengrrl/Bunny

Two New Servers

We have two new servers on the GeekShed network. Subwolf has donated Sheba, a server in a Chicago, Illinois data center, on behalf of his site Allan has donated Tyrol, a server in Irvine, California, on behalf of Server Intrepid has been retired, after many years of fine service to the network.

We’ve updated the server map to show these changes. As always, we recommend that you choose one of the round robins to connect to the servers closest to your location for the best connection.


—posted by Tengrrl/Bunny