Ready for a little quiz? According to our website analytics, listed below are the ten questions you had about using GeekShed IRC during 2011. Do you know the answers, or do you have to click through for details?:

  1. Grouping a Nick: Why and How?
  2. Setting Up Greeting Messages
  3. How to register a channel on GeekShed
  4. How to Use the Ignore Command
  5. Can I Make A Private/Secret/Restricted Channel?
  6. How do I add User Count Badges?
  7. Setting a Channel Entry Message
  8. Why should I register my nickname and how do I do it?
  9. How do I redirect one channel to another?
  10. How do I Add a BotServ Bot to my Channel?

Thanks to everyone for a great 2011 on GeekShed. If you have any questions you’d like us to write about, just post the details in the Comments and Suggestions board on the GeekShed Forums.