Server map updated

We have just updated the server map. We have had such a massive turnover of servers in the past few months that it became very quickly outdated. You can find it at

BNCs Moved

We have, tonight, moved the BNCs from their previous unreliable homes onto a new server. Your previous connection credentials should work, as before. We hope the new server will be more reliable and less prone to downtime.

Any questions, ask us in #help

Welcome CornishNerd

CornishNerd has recently kindly accepted our offer to join the GeekShed staff team. He will be primarily responsible for the forums in a bid to make them an active part of the community. Network administration is not an easy job and we are thankful for the time he has dedicated to us.

P.S. I realise this is the same as the post I did for Brigitte with the name and gender changed. Why reinvent the wheel, eh?

Welcome Brigitte

Brigitte has recently kindly accepted our offer to join the GeekShed staff team. She will be primarily responsible for the forums in a bid to make them an active part of the community. Network administration is not an easy job and we are thankful for the time she has dedicated to us.

GeekShed Embed v2 Released

NOTE: This is a plugin for users of the self hosted software; it is not for users of (Although I would love it if at some point in time… well, that’s me dreaming…)

As I posted last month, I have been working on updated to the GeekShed Embed plugin for WordPress that I wrote. This update provides shortcodes to easily embed the TFlash client, the userlist, and the userbadge that GeekShed provides for its users.

In addition to the TFlash shortcode, the plugin now offers a settings page where you can input the options (similar to our chat generator) and select the page that you want TFlash to appear on; TFlash will appear on that page without requiring you to copy and paste any code at all. This settings page also allows you to set more than one channel; simply enter the channel names as you would in a regular client – e.g. #chan1,#chan2,chanN. There are additional usage notes on the settings page.

Although the plugin has not been tested in a WordPress MultiSite environment, the plugin uses the built-in settings API that WordPress offers, so it is very likely that it will work (please let me know if you use WPMS and if the plugin works or not).

The plugin does reside in the WordPress Plugin Repository, so it can be installed via the Plugin Installer in your WordPress admin section, and if you already have it installed, will notify you that there is an update available.

If you require any assistance in using the plugin, please leave a comment here or at the plugin page here. Also, comments and/or suggestions are always welcome.

Note2: It can take a little bit for the WordPress servers to process that the plugin has been upgraded. Please be patient.

GeekShed Embed v2

EDIT: This post is about a WordPress plugin that has been written. It is NOT about the TFlash client itself. No updates for the TFlash client are planned at this time.

About six months ago, I (Ryan (ninja in #help)) created GeekShed Embed, a WordPress plugin so that GeekShed users that use WordPress to power their website could easily embed a GeekShed chat room into their site. At the time, I promised that there would be updates; however, I did not have time until recently to do anything with it.

Most of what I wanted to add has been already added to it, but I wanted to ask the community and see if there was anything that you can think of that should be included, or if there were any bugs that you have run into.

So if you have a suggestion for what should be included in the update, or have run into a bug, please leave a comment here with details. Assuming it’s nothing too far-fetched, I should be able to include it in the update.

Note: if you have run into a bug and are reporting it, please include the WordPress version you are running, and whether it is WordPress MU/MS or a regular WordPress installation.

New Swedish Server – Greenbean

Kottizen, a new user to GeekShed but a long time member of the Anope and UnrealIRCD support communities has kindly donated a server on behalf of the datacentre he works for, The server is located in Växjö, Sweden and adds another great European leaf to the GeekShed network.

We thank Kottizen for the donation of Greenbean and hope it shall benefit our European users.

Guess who’s back? Back again!

Kyle previously joined the GeekShed staff back in late 2009 (original post) but he left to pursue other life interests. He has, though, realised that GeekShed is a pretty fantabulous place to be and is back with avengence.

We’re pleased to have such an experienced and friendly staff member back on the team.

1st Birthday Competition

It’s been a long and eventful year, but we’ve survived! GeekShed shall be 1 year old on 24th October. To celebrate our first year, we have some giveaways for you. We’re not as rich as Microsoft, so don’t get your hopes up too much. We are giving away two $50 (USD) gift vouchers to Amazon. These prizes will be purchased after the giveaway, so if you have any particular objection to Amazon, we can make a reasonable accommodation.

The first competition is designed to boost the size of our YouTube channel. We’re asking you to create a video of maximum length 5 minutes. Your video must help our other users in some way or another. The standard idea would be to create a video tutorial but we encourage you to think outside the box and surprise us. Our YouTube channel can be found at We would like to note that videos that are duplications of what’s already on our channel will be rejected. Once you have done your video, contact us in #help and we’ll give you some help on uploading it. You can create your video using a paid but very good application named Camtasia. This has a free trial which would work well for making this video. A free app which is rated quite highly is CamStudio. The best video, as chosen by the GeekShed staff will win the voucher. We’ll put all of the videos that are of good enough quality onto the channel. Please ensure that the audio and video is clear and of a high enough quality to be viewable in full screen. 720p minimum is suggested. It’d also be ideal if you could mention GeekShed in text/audio on the video to save any future copyright problems.

The second competition is to try to boost our user numbers through the use of Twitter. All you need to do is tweet/re-tweet the following, be a registered user on GeekShed, as well as being connected to the #birthday channel on GeekShed at 11pm UTC (6pm EDT) on 24th October 2010 (our birthday):

It’s the GeekShed IRC Network’s 1st birthday and they’re doing a giveaway! See for full info.

Once the draw is done, we will ensure the winner has tweeted and is registered on GeekShed before offering up the prize.

If you’re a video maker, you can also enter the random draw – you never know, you might win twice!

Any questions? Ask in #help.

Introducing GeekShed Embed: A WordPress Plugin

After helping many people who were having trouble adding the TFlash chat client to their WordPress powered website, I decided to write a plugin that would create a shortcode that people can use to easily embed their chatroom into their site.

The plugin has been submitted and accepted into the WordPress plugin repository, so installation is simple. To install, simply go to the Add New Plugin page of your WordPress install, and search for GeekShed. Under GeekShed Embed, click install. Supply your FTP/SSH information if required, and hit Proceed. The shortcode currently supports three parameters: channel, width, and height. Any, none, or all can be used, in any combination.

Note: If the width is less than 500 or the height is less than 375, parts of the chat box will be cut off and not visible. Future versions will fix this issue.

What You Type What You Get
[geekshed] A 500 by 375 chat box that displays the channel list once connected
[geekshed someChannel] A 500 by 375 chat box that joins someChannel once connected.
[geekshed height=XXX] A chat box XXX pixels tall and 500 pixels wide. It will display the channel list once connected.
[geekshed width=XXX] A chat box XXX pixels wide and 375 pixels tall. It will display the channel list once connected.
Comments, questions, suggestions? Leave them as a comment to this post, and the will be addressed as soon as possible.